Chemistry Resources

Chemical Element
Research Sheet
Grade 8 - 10
A worksheet that gets students to research the chemical elements
Chemical Scavenger Hunt Author: Dr. Bob Perkins
A short periodic table review worksheet
Chemistry Activities
Grade 10
Author Nichole Hiller
2 Different grade 10 Chemistry worksheets
Classifying Chemical Reactions
Grade 10 -11
Author: Victor Pong
A worksheet that gets students to differentiate between synthesis, decomposition, single replacement, double replacement, neutralization and combustion reactions
The Great Apple Bob An activity that studies reaction rates.
Junior Chemistry Labs A selection of chemistry labs suitable for Grades 9 - 10.
Marshmallow Molecules
Grade 8 - 10
Author: Andria Stafford
An activity to help students differentiate between elements and compounds and atoms and molecules.
Melting Ice Paradox Author: Daniel Ferron
A lab that measures the rate that ice melts when salt is added to it.
Mini Lab on Spontineity
Grade 12
Author: Colleen Balzer
A lab that helps students understand the concepts of the reactivity series.
Solution Chemistry and
Precipitation Reaction Demo
Grade 11
Authors: :Linda Burgess & Ted Eisner
A lab that demonstrates the concept of precipitation.