Biology Resources


Amazing Adapting Animal
Grade 8 - 10 Ecology
Author: Chris Wejr
Student acts as a zoologist studying the adaptions of animals in a severe environment
Antibiotics and Disinfectants vs. Bacteria
Grade 11
Author: Mike MacNeil
Lab Instructions and Discussion Questions
Arthropod Collection Project
Grade 11
Author: Jacqueline Carey
Working individually, each student will create a collection of arthropods, and organize them according to a dichotomous key.
Circulatory, Lymphatic and Digestive Systems Review A case study review worksheet
Biome Design Project
Grade 8 - 10
A activity where students research one of ten possible biomes
Creature from Planet X Students design a creature from Planet X and explain their design in relationship to the environment it lives in.
Evolution Research
Grade 11 - 12
Author: David Buckna
Questions to lead students in their research of the field of Evolution.
Eye Dissection Lab
Grade 8
Author: Steve Williams
Lab Instructions for an Eyeball Dissection
Teddy Graham Evolution Author: Connie Williams
A Hardy-Weinberg Activity using Teddy Graham cookies
Mitosis and the Easter Bunny
Grade 8 - 10
Author: Dominique Beaucage
An activity that uses colourful Easter paper wrappers to demonstrate mitosis.
Nutrition Project A project that will make students think about the affect of diet and lifestyle on the health of the human body.
Prey and Predator Simulation Author: V.McIntyre
An activity that simulates the interactions between a prey and a predator.
Reptiles Wanted Poster Students design a 'Wanted' poster that describes the characteristics and environment of a reptile
Eye Dissection Lab #2 Author: Laurie Roche
Lab Instructions for an Eyeball Dissection Lab
Respiration/Circulation and Excretion Review Worksheets that review human respiration, circulation and excretion.
Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure
Grade 12
Author: Kathryn Dishaw
An activity to learn about blood pressure
Viral Disease Newspaper Article
Grade 11
Activity in which students will write a newspaper article on a viral infection.
Virus - Epidemic
Grade 11
An activity that uses dice to simulate the spread of an epidemic
Water Content of Food Lab
Grade 8 - 10
Students carry out a lab that demonstrates the water content of common foods.